Polyurethane foam is a versatile material which can be used for a large variety of applications and products. Continuously improving the product quality and the functions of the PU foam ensures the right solution for your needs. Because of our advanced foaming technology we are able to produce a large number of products.

Innovative Products

Comfortable Bedding

Relaxing Furniture

Enjoyable Underwear

Relaxed Automotive

Endurance Footwear

Spotless Cleaning

Innovative Products

By adding specific elements we can change the characteristics of the foam to fit the requirements, e.g. cooling in Bedding foam or flame retardant in Furniture foam. Based on your specifications and material requirements, we develop a foam that matches these. Our objective quality measuring against international standards, such as ASTM or ISO, ensures the right match.

Strategic and Tactical

King Global has the expertise and flexibility to develop and produce polyether foams to a customer’s specific requirement for various industries such as furniture & bedding, acoustic & thermal insulation, textile lamination and automotive.

To provide our customers with the foam solution they need, by developing and producing high quality polyurethane foam, using state-of-the-art technology, resilient processes and an experienced team.

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To make sure our quality is consistent we measure all our foam production. Each batch will be tested at 7 different quality parameters. Every customer question can then be adequately answered. Each process is well described and detailed in such a manner that we can use it to train our teams.

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A highly advanced laboratory and our technical expertise ensures product quality can be tested according to all relevant standards as well as placing King Global as a leader in the development of custom foam products.

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The Process